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What is Alter Natives?

Alter­na­ti­ves” from Latin Alter (other) and Nativus (born), refers to the search for new reali­ties, new ori­gins. That is the star­ting point of this docu­men­tary pro­ject: to show inno­va­ti­ve initia­ti­ves of eco­lo­gi­cal transition. Diver­se expe­rien­ces that are pro­po­sing ans­wers to the sys­te­mic cri­sis that we are suf­fering in the world: ener­ge­tic, eco­no­mic, eco­lo­gi­cal, social, cul­tu­ral and epis­te­mic.

Alter Nati­ves, Buil­ding pos­si­ble futu­res” is a colla­bo­ra­ti­ve fea­tu­re film that aims to address, with a pro­po­si­ti­ve and pos­­­­si­­­­bi­­­­lity-orie­­­n­­­­ted approach, issues such as: How can we deal with this situa­tion and adapt to a chan­ging reality? What alter­na­ti­ves, indi­vi­dual and collec­ti­ve, are already being laun­ched in dif­fe­rent pla­ces to “transition” to resi­lient com­mu­ni­ties and more sus­tai­na­ble life models? What new sto­ries and expe­rien­ces can mark the futu­re of our neigh­bor­hoods, towns and cities? How can we take the first steps to crea­te an eco­nomy that pro­mo­tes social jus­ti­ce and har­mony with the pla­net and among our­sel­ves?

Why is a documentary like this necessary?

We live in times of great eco­no­mic, social and eco­lo­gi­cal uncer­tainty, as well as a poten­tial collap­se of our civi­li­za­tion. Mul­ti­ple pla­ne­tary sys­tems, essen­tial for life, such as the cli­ma­te, soils and oceans, are being seve­rely alte­red, whi­le the indi­ces of socio­eco­no­mic inequa­lity con­ti­nue to grow, gene­ra­ting more poverty and exclu­sion. Huma­nity, mainly res­pon­si­ble for this situa­tion, faces the grea­test cha­llen­ge of its his­tory. In this con­text, mul­ti­ple initia­ti­ves and pro­jects are emer­ging in search of ways of life com­men­su­ra­te with the limits of the pla­net, more equi­ta­ble and soli­da­rity. Wor­king at dif­fe­rent sca­les and in dif­fe­rent fields, to trans­form the sys­te­mic cri­sis into a great oppor­tu­nity to rede­sign our cul­tu­re. Now more than ever, the­se sto­ries, who­se pro­ta­go­nists are ordi­nary peo­ple, like you and me, must be made visi­ble. The cri­ti­cal mass of trans­for­mative initia­ti­ves needs to increa­se to make this socio-eco­­­­­­­­­lo­­­­­­­­­gi­­­­­­­­­cal transition pro­cess have the grea­test impact. We need to con­nect, learn from each other, expe­ri­ment, ins­pi­re an impor­tant part of the popu­la­tion and take action.

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Features of the documentary

Some of the main features of are:

Part of a sys­te­mic cri­sis con­text and poten­tial collap­se.

It pre­sents socio-eco­­­­­­­­­­lo­­­­­­­­­­gi­­­­­­­­­­cal transition
initia­ti­ves in a broad sen­se: energy,
eco­no­mics, food, edu­ca­tion and gover­nan­ce.

It focu­ses on the pro­ces­ses of chan­ge at the eco­lo­gi­cal, eco­no­mic, social and cul­tu­ral levels, as well as the rege­ne­ra­tion and
cons­truc­tion of resi­lien­ce.

It puts the focus both on the exter­nal
(collec­ti­ve) and inter­nal (per­so­nal) transition.

It analy­zes the tra­jec­tory of the initia­ti­ves (star­ting point, achie­ve­ments, cha­llen­ges…) from the expe­rien­ces of its pro­ta­go­nists.

It pre­sents the expe­rien­ces in a cho­ral form, noting their inter­de­pen­den­cy and unity in the con­text of the trans­for­ma­tion pro­cess.

It adopts a vision based on posi­ti­ve pro­po­sals, gicing value to the lear­ning and the cele­bra­tion.

It aims to cover the grea­test pos­si­ble diver­sity of initia­ti­ves, by sca­le, by sco­pe and by
geo­grap­hi­cal dis­tri­bu­tion.

In terms of treat­ment, the recor­ding and film-making pro­cess will take into account the
lin­guis­tic, per­so­nal (gen­der, age…) and con­text (urban/rural) diver­sity of each initia­ti­ve and its mem­bers.


The documentary is directed and coordinated by:

Agustí Corominas

Direc­tor and pro­du­cer of social, cul­tu­ral and envi­ron­men­tal docu­men­ta­ries. With more than 25 years of expe­rien­ce wor­king for mul­ti­ple orga­ni­za­tions: public ins­ti­tu­tions, film and tele­vi­sion.

Juan del Río

Faci­li­ta­tor and con­sul­tant in eco­so­cial transition.
Bio­lo­gist, acti­vist and dis­se­mi­na­tor. Co-dire­­­­c­­­­­tor of Eco­li­se and coor­di­na­tor of Red de Tran­si­ción.
Aut­hor of Guía del movi­mien­to de Tran­si­ción.

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