A lot of small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.”

African proverb

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Alter Natives, building possible futures

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Next dates and pla­ces after tho­se that appear here are still to be deter­mi­ned, they will appear in this sec­tion. All times are CEST

2th june 2023

Pre­mie­re in Vila­no­va
i la Gel­trú

Audi­to­rio de Neà­po­lis
(Ram­bla Expo­si­ció, 59) · 18:00 — 21:00h

Free entry

5th june 2023

Inter­na­tio­nal onli­ne event with Transition Hubs

19:00 — 20:00h

By invi­ta­tion

16th-17th june 2023

Pre­mie­re in Almó­ci­ta

16th june · 18:30h
18th june · 10:30h

More infor­ma­tion

1st july 2023

Pre­mie­re i Méxi­co

Espa­cio de la
Coope­ra­ti­va Tapa­so­li
San Luis, Méxi­co · 
18:30 — 21:30h
(Méxi­co time­zo­ne)

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Past events

18th may 2023

Scree­ning in Bar­ce­lo­na

14th may 2023

Pre­mie­re in Corró d’A­munt

12th may 2023

Onli­ne Inter­na­tio­nal Pre­mie­re

Pre­mie­re recor­ding

12th may 2023

Pre­mie­re in Gran Cana­ria

Chro­ni­cle here

10th may 2023

Pre­mie­re in Car­de­deu

Chro­ni­cle here

25th april 2023

Pre­mie­re in Gra­no­llers

Chro­ni­cle here

22th april 2023

Pre­mie­re in Altu­ra (Cas­te­lló)

Chro­ni­cle here

21th april 2023

Pre­mie­re in Bar­ce­lo­na

Chro­ni­cle here

15th april 2023


Chro­ni­cle here

25th march 2023

in Madrid

Chro­ni­cle here

9th march 2023

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Alter Nativas — Building possible futures
is a documentary movie about transition initiatives and ecosocial regeneration. The film is a collective project withshowing transformative experiences and inspiring other possible futures as main goals.

After the success of the
crowdfunding campaign on the Goteo platform, and with filming and editing already finished, the movie is being released right now!

You can follow all the news from Alter Nativas on 
Red de Transición website and in:

Alter Nativas is a collaborative feature film, made by people who want to change the world.

Join the community and help to spread the word about the project, or make a contribution, if you want and you can!

Alter Nativas is a collaborative project

Many people and organizations are supporting its development and dissemination.

Alter Nativas is a project led by:

In collaboration with:

Other part­ner orga­ni­za­tions:

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